Three things I wish I’d known before …

… starting the Sun Java tutorial

It’s been over a month since the last blog entry and it’s been a busy month:
finishing off projects
planning a holiday biking round the south of france on a GSXF
getting a new job.

The new job was the impetus to take on the java tutorial, trying to get my head around strict typing, odd syntax, compiling code and a whole new API. That’s all hard enough but most of the brickwalls I’ve been banging my head against aren’t down to understanding the language… they are down to how Java is set up and the environment it expects. I feel like I learnt the lessons all in the wrong order.

So for my memory and others out there who’s javac won’t run and whose java class cannot be found, here were my Three Things I Wish I’d Learnt First…

[edit jan 2015]
those three things got lost… so the real lesson is when porting an old blog from one site to another:

  • always make sure your blog software was kept up to date
  • check the source of your posts for substituted rubbish
  • prune old posts vigorously!