About Tess Barnes


Written word: I wrote my first novella at school and I haven’t really stopped since. I’m working on becoming more focused and playing around with Liquid Story Binder to help with outlines and article writing.

Photos: More than 10 years as a photographic recorder for Woodland Trust Phenology study. This involves taking photos of the same trees from the same angle and position each month and trying to capture such phenomena as leaf burst, first leaf, first flower, ripe fruit, turning leaf colour, full leaf colour, first leaf fall and bare tree. The macro modes on my Olympus C5000Z and Nikon P80 help in this task enormously. The weird looks I get add to the amusement factor, so many people apparently can’t get their head around the idea of photographing a tree just for the sake of it, not because there is something more interesting in it.

Work (now): Server side code for a hosting company. I’ve done php, java, delphi, c# and python. I still can’t decide which is my favourite and I swear at all of them for different reasons!

Work (way back when I started this journal): Freelance front end web development based on HTML4, CSS and PHP. Then I was playing with HTML 5 and CSS 3 but I never did crack the perfect system across all browers, even allowing for ditching the ‘one look to rule them all’ philosophy. I used to build whole websites under the trading name ‘Crataegus Design’ up until 2011.

Play: Music, Iai, Tai chi, gardening, walking & mouldy old stone spotting.

Home: Happily married to a very supportive Nick.

All in the middle of the beautiful Midlands countryside.