html markup for navigation

There’s been a lot of griping today about the use of an unordered list for a navigation menu (from @calevans among others). Although it is a generally accepted practice with the argument that a navigation menu is an unordered list of links, it’s not too difficult to find an alternative that is just as efficient is it? What’s the most basic code we could use as an alternative?

In html5 you could use the following: –

<a title="First link additional text" href="#">Link 1</a>
<a title="Second link additional text" href="#">Link 2</a>
<a title="Third link additional text" href="#">Link 3</a>

with css to sort out positioning and look.

For some specific layouts you may want to specify a :first-child pseudo class or a class="last" on a link.

For HTML4 strict just substitute a <div class="menu"> for <nav>.

So, not as complicated as I once thought!

Bitwise or bit stupid?

I’ll hold my hand up right now and confess to being bit stupid, I was really disappointed with my score in a recent php proficiency test and most of my downfall was bitwise operators (the rest was array functions I’d never needed to use before and I’ll tackle that in another post).

So what’s all the fuss about?

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PHPUK Part 3: Comedy, Chris and Closing

Who do you call… Myphp-busters!

Reeling out of Hank’s Microsoft talk I rushed to get a seat for my ‘must see’ talk of the day Myphp-busters: symphony framework. I’ve been dabbling with frameworks for a while as they seem to be becoming a vital tool to increase productivity (especially important for us freelancers) and aid collaboration and team-working by reducing ownership of code (ie. everyone has a better chance of following the code in that clever widget you just built).
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PHPUK 2009 Part 1: Cutting edge and Community

I was really excited to find I was able to go to the PHP conference in London on the 27th February this year, following a fortuitous set of circumstances and I’m glad to say all my excitement was well founded!

It’s great to be part of such a large friendly community and I was really happy to catch up with folks I’d met at PHPNW and talk about the changes to our industry in the last few months. Despite a global downturn it appears that the world of php development is still above water and in some cases actively thriving. So to the talks…
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Happy St David’s Day

There would have been a lovely image of a daffodil, taken today, but flickr has hiccups…

Happy St Davids Day anyway!

Update: as flickr is feeling better:
Happy St David's Day