Keeping my promise

This was very nearly about breaking my promise, in fact I had drafted a blog post full of excuses as to how my year had been miserable and there was no way I could fulfil my promise of February. Then I panicked, ditched the post and emailed the wonderful and supportive Jenny (@miss_jwo) confessing my failure.

A little while later something wonderful happened, I spotted an opportunity and careless of the consequences, grabbed it with both hands. I surprised myself. A few emails later and phpsw user group had kindly accepted my proposal to give a lightening talk. The talk was last Wednesday night. Their warm welcome was a real testament to the friendly community that is a php user group. I am happy to report I felt calmer than I have ever felt in front of 40+ strangers and I am looking forward to doing it again. So much so in fact, I am considering submitting to other user group nights and even conferences!

Along the way I have learned a few great things about speaking:

  • it’s really easy to arrange
  • it doesn’t have to be a new idea, just your take on it
  • audiences come up with the coolest questions (and tips!) to make you think
  • turning up early wins you brownie points and more free drinks choices
  • practicing your talk to yourself in a spare office the week before is worth it just for the funny looks you get
  • lots of user groups are looking for new speakers of any experience level
  • you might even get your petrol money back

Most of all I got to keep a promise and that’s worth everything.

A Promise

There were some very inspiring keynotes and talks at php uk 2015 which lead me to catch up with many of the speakers. I’ve been a member of the php community since 2008 although my involvement has been very on and off. I’ve a few years worth of experience since then and it’s certainly time I gave something back; so I have made a promise, to Jenny (@miss_jwo), to the php uk community and to you – in the next year I will give at least one public talk.

I have too many ideas to know what the topic will be but:

  • it will be tech related,
  • it will most likely involve php,
  • it will possibly be rubbish but
  • it will be given.

More news to follow…