On my bookshelf

This is an ongoing and growing list of references for my many hobbies. It contains unashamedly both adult and childrens references. In my view, just because a book is aimed at children does not exclude its value as a good basic guide; they often have clearer identification illustrations or instructions.

Nature Field Guides
Larousse Pocket Guide :Trees of Britain and Europe by David Sutton

Pocket Guide Wild Flowers of Britain and Northern Europe by Fitter, Fitter & Blamey
Published: HarperCollins
Except I need a new copy, my old one appears to have gone AWOL

Usborne Pocketbook Spotter’s Guides:-
Wild Flowers by Christopher Humphries, beautiful clear illustrations by Hilary Burn
Garden Flowers by Barry Ambrose, illustrated by William Giles
Animal Tracks and Signs by Alfred Leutscher, illustrated by Chris Shields

Hamlyn Tracker Guide:
Wild Flowers by Bob Gibbons – easy reference and habitat descriptions

Nature Reference
Popular Field Botany:A familiar and technical description of the plants most common to the various localities of the British Isles by Agnes Catlow
Published: Reeve & Co, Covent Garden, London, 1852
Lovingly restored by Kristi

Culpepers Complete Herbal: Profusely Illustrated in Colour
Foulsham edition

Nature Watchers Directory by David Marsden
Published: Treasure Press (1989 edition)
Great sections on Habitat and Split by geographical areas of the UK to give plenty of ideas of where to go and what you may be lucky enough to see.
I won this book as a prize in school. The plate states ‘British Hedgehog Preservation Society Prize’. Sadly I can no longer remember what it was I did to win it but it is now a favourite reference.

The Amateur Naturalist by Gerald Durrell
Book Club Associates edition
Dorling Kindersley Ltd 1982
I remember my parents buying this and a magazine series on country life to help support me in my passion for wildlife. It’s something we still share.

Complete British Wildlife Photoguide by Paul Sterry
Published: HarperCollins 1997
Free with RNIB membership. What this book lacks in clear identification photos it makes up in its comprehensive coverage of all types of flora and fauna. It also has an excellent glossary just in case you need to check what Elytra are (the hardened forewings of a beetle).

Cooking & Winemaking
The Complete Book of Self Sufficiency by John Seymour
Published Faber 1976/77 (1981 reprint)
Great for my favourite kinds of recipes – throw it all in and see what happens

Country Wisdom by Rosamond Richardson
Published Kyle Cathie Ltd, 1997
Highlights include the wild food calendar, rosemary hair care and my favourite jam recipe – Lemon and Rhubarb

Food from your Garden – a Readers Digest publication 1977
Like the Self Sufficiency book, this came from my parents (I have custody anyway!) and it’s still full of amazing titbits. Great preserves and wine recipes including my favourites for pear & ginger chutney and elderberry port. Also the best step by step instructions I’ve ever found for country wine making.

Heinemann English Dictionary
Just to check any glaring errors in posts (typos are different and accidental) as memory fails the best of us occasionally. Still using the old battered copy I got for senior school at age 11, if it was good enough for my exacting english teacher it is good enough for me.