Impossible expectations?

Although I’m self employed I keep my eye on the job market and this morning came across this corker:

Ideally the successful candidate will be a 6th form leaver or graduate who has excellent knowledge/experience of Photoshop, CSS and XHTML but more importantly must be able to demonstrate a portfolio of work for a number of clients.

Do sixth form students regularly work with clients these days? Or am I missing something?

I’m starting a Buy British movement

$8* or £4.44 (as at todays exchange rate) is unlikely to buy you

a weeks worth of milk for your family
3 pints of beer
a box of chocolates
a joint of beef
5 litres of fuel

It’s not enough to buy a single floor tile
or a can of paint
or 1 days mortgage on a family home.

In the UK you can’t buy 15 minutes of an electrician’s time for £4.44

So why should anyone think they can pay $8 for an hour of expert technical advice or quality code production or attractive well executed design? Outsourcing overseas may be cheap but are you really getting what you want? or just what you’re willing to pay for.

There are hundreds of new media and web companies in the UK. Why not Buy British?

*$8 was the hourly rate claimed by an Indian company prospecting for work on a well known website advertising freelance projects.