Light: a many faceted prompt

One of the prompts from the weekly photo challenge I am following this year was “Light”. It’s the first one where I couldn’t simply be happy to take one shot; my mind raced with a multitude of possibilities. Even putting aside “carefree” and “lightweight” (falling blossoms are beyond my photographic skills right now), there are so many favourites to choose from as light can mean so much…

Light can bring out a shine

Lesser celandine in early spring light

Light can be bright and bring sparkle

River water over weir stones catching the light amongst dark trees

Light can define sharpness

Urban punk
A proud teasel “punk” in an urban setting

Light can reveal the hidden

Self portrait by light revealed
By sunlight revealed – a self portrait

Light rays can penetrate more silently than anything else

Light rays can slice through the river without a single ripple

though refraction shows we cannot trust everything we see, especially when caustic

Caustics in shallow water

Light can bring translucence to hint at delicacy

Young elder leaves
Sunlight revealing the translucence of new elder leaves, a few days after bud burst

and also make the translucent appear opaque

Opacity of water
Movement plus sunlight brings an opacity to water

or to become a mirror to bring tranquility to the wildest of hearts

Riverbank reflected
Riverbank reflected – home to otters, wrens and bumblebees