How to write yourself positive

What you write becomes the historic record of what happened, if that record is full of negativity, the memory becomes negative.

Apparently, when you remember something, you are actually recalling the last time you recalled it, not the memory itself!

So how do you help your future self out?

Write everything down sentence by sentence. read back the sentence and chop into small statements. more than one and gives you a dividing line. ‘but’, ‘then’, ‘so’ are also clues. Ask yourself do all the parts need to be there? if your record should be factual, without emotion, cut parts that are interpretation, hearsay or feelings. If you are challenging the negative, cut out anything grumpy, limiting or jealous. leave in achievements, benefits and lessons learned.

What you are left with can make you feel uncomfortable right now. This record can challenge how you see yourself and what happens in your life. That’s not a bad thing if you embrace if for the learning experience it presents.

Your edit might also seem terse or disjointed. On the plus side it will be more quickly read and understood by others. Your future self, friends and colleagues will thank you for the time saved. All the more effort available for your next positive experience!