Seniors need feedback too

If you ever ask yourself at work, “should I give this person feedback” the answer is always yes. What and how you deliver it is between you and that person. Hopefully you work in a company that openly values feedback and I do recommend Kim Scott’s Radical Candor as a good read to help you be clear around perspective and intent, but I maintain that the answer to “should I?” is yes.

This week I was involved in a meeting that scared me in its intensity, I believed I was not a warrior type or strong advocate. Still, I was myself and asked the questions I needed to for my situation and my reports. Afterwards I received some clear, specific (and positive) feedback on the impact I’ve made on other folks, even those I don’t normally directly interact with. I was honoured that they took the time, especially as being a senior I apparently appear like “I’ve got this nailed”. On the inside, I sometimes don’t feel like I’ve nailed anything much.

This new data has helped me switch and centre my internal world view. Knowing that others value what I do is massively heartening and knowing exactly what it was that helped, allows me to focus on improving that too.

So, receiving feedback is for everyone, not just those at the start of their career. Giving feedback is for everyone, not just those in leading roles. We’re all travellers on a journey, let’s keep talking along the way.