Take time when travelling

This week has been a travelling week, choosing office interactions over time at home. The challenge is balancing the benefits of seeing colleagues in person with the (quite literal) pain of unfamiliar sleeping conditions. Ad hoc conversations have solved a few frictions quickly, chance meetings have given an unexpected opportunity to get ahead of potential problems and start on a good footing, the recovery time has been an additional days cost at the weekend.

When I’m working under tiredness or stress it’s important to take extra time to pause. Overreacting to surprises is not going to help anyone. This week, taking time to mull over a new situation with delicious food and time to myself was a good chance to step back and choose openminded curiosity over knee-jerk angry resentment.

This reminds me that although I am more extroverted I still have my limits. It also reminds me how many social cues and conversational opportunities I pick up by observing and overhearing. Many of the same good relationship outcomes can be achieved remotely if we commit on all sides to work together deliberately and directly.